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0002065AJAX/JSFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-05-28 07:12
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Summary0002065: Add/Edit Songs page for Collections, similar to Add/Edit episodes page for Anime
DescriptionNot really something I would use, but probably something correaper, benu, and prte would appreciate.

Like how the anime page has the add/edit episodes interface, where episodes can be batch edited for epno/name/length/airdate, implement a similar feature for songs in a collection:
> have a field for medium # and track #
> have a song title editor similar to the episode title editor
> have a field for song length
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related to 0002098 new HTML & PERL create massedit for tracks on a collection with some kind of export function 



2014-09-16 07:54

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Related request from Benu:


2014-10-06 09:06

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Only tangentially related:


2014-10-15 08:56

reporter   ~0003478

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I wanted to add something like this myself, it would be great for editing OST collections without song lengths.

Edit: And I would like to see a field for anison link in that template.

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