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Summary0002098: create massedit for tracks on a collection with some kind of export function
Descriptionfor adding songs to a collection i'm using the 3rd template (or the 1st, if needed (with added discnumber))

tracknumber;transcription;original title;length;anisonlink

for collections that - for example have no length added - it would be neat not having to open every single song separately (for a collection with 60 tracks that is quite a hassle). instead having some kind of exportfunction for extracting the given data from the songs already connected to the collection and putting it in the above mentioned template. if there is no length set (aka 0:00), just getting ;; is fine.

for example you have a song on a collection that is called "Yakusoku" (transcription), "??" (original title), 0:00 (length), and no anisonlink, also: it's the first track on this collection. the exportthingie or templatemaker or masseditpage would extract the data either as

template 1: 1;1;Yakusoku;??;
template 3: 1;Yakusoku;??;

and that for all the songs affiliated with that one collection, maybe a textfile export? or put the available information directly into the table one gets when massadding songs (with the "correct" songs already chosen (from this example.. just search for a song called 'yakusoku', there are lots).

any additional info, you know where to find me.. :/
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related to 0002065 new AJAX/JS Add/Edit Songs page for Collections, similar to Add/Edit episodes page for Anime 



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