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0002273HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2017-07-26 00:47
Reporternwa Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2017-08 
Summary0002273: CREQ history pages show information that was added in future edits
DescriptionThis might only be happening with the Description field. Let's look at an example:

If we open the MODEDIT history page for 2015-03-21 -
We can see that this edit contained a URL edit and an addition of new description.
If we open any previous edit history page, for example the very first one -
We can see the description added in the future is already present, even though it was added 6 years later.
Expected and desired behaviour would be that the description data should only be shown on edit history pages that came after the description was added (also edited) and not in the past where they had not even been added yet (or not edited to teir current form).
It causes confusion as to who added the description and has it been there since the start (currently it looks like it's been there since the creation of the entry, which is not true).



2015-03-31 10:16

administrator   ~0003547

creqs always compare the current data with the data of the creq you are looking at. that has been that way since the beginning. it's exp q&d way. call me surprised that you weren't aware of that till now.


2015-03-31 10:35

administrator   ~0003549

Well, then I'm also surprised I had not noticed that until now...

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