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0002306AniDB HTTP APIFeature Requestpublic2018-10-05 21:11
Reporterpepperino Assigned ToOmmina  
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Summary0002306: User Wishlist accessible via the HTTP API
Description1) Either make user's wishlist accessible via the HTTP API or
2) Show Wishlist Sytatus in User MyList Summany HTTP API entries  (similar to the My List page checkbox)

Would be nice for integrating AniDB with Flexget
Tagsusability, wishlist



2016-07-10 08:51

administrator   ~0003776

I'm sketching out some HTTP API changes. Is this wishlist request still on the wishlist?


2018-10-03 18:46

reporter   ~0004291

This is still something that would be very helpful. This helps integration with Flexget and other systems.


2018-10-05 17:48

reporter   ~0004295

How do I get my wishlist? I get instabanned if I try to just access the wishlist automatically, and I can't get it through the api. Seriously the priority on this should be raised since it is something that has been mentioned as far back as 2003. So can I either crawl a SINGLE PAGE or you know be able to use a useful API? Although if someone has anything to say about useful APIs, probably not.


2018-10-05 21:11

administrator   ~0004297

crawling the website is forbidden as is stated in the api rules.

as i told you a few days ago already no one is coding apis right now so don't expect a response or progress on this.

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