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0000234AOMFeature Requestpublic2006-06-20 06:19
Reporterender Assigned Topetriw  
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Summary0000234: Add TigerTree hash (TTH) support to database
DescriptionTTH is the hash used by newer DirectConnect clients, it would be nice if AniDB supported it, too (IMHO, it's also much more useful than either MD5 and SHA1 sums, which are already supported).

Also, when TTH sums are added, you could also add magnet links to the episodes, just like ed2k links:
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2005-07-08 22:30

reporter   ~0000584

This needs an anidb client that'll auto creq it to make it a practical addition. Bug petri or epoxi.



2005-07-09 10:19

reporter   ~0000585

I did. Each of them said that the feature won't be added until the other one implements it.

BTW, I can provide a table with over 6000 TTH, ed2k and CRC hashes once this is implemented.


2005-07-17 16:40

administrator   ~0000590

won't be implemented until AoM supports it.


2005-07-27 15:15

reporter   ~0000640

ONTODO: that's great! Assign this back to anidb/EXP once AoM implements it :)

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