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Summary0002438: New Chinese Title Languages

For each case below, that flag background = the flag of the mentioned country.

Mandarin Audio (icons: M)
zh-cmn-CN Mandarin Chinese, PRC/Default
zh-cmn-SG Mandarin Chinese, Singapore (probably not needed at the current time)
zh-cmn-TW Mandarin Chinese, Taiwan (probably not needed at the current time)

Mandarin Text (icons: S + text, T + text)
zh-Hans-CN Mandarin Text, Simplified, PRC/Unknown
zh-Hans-SG Mandarin Text, Simplified, Singapore
zh-Hans-TW Mandarin Text, Simplified, Taiwan
zh-Hant-CN Mandarin Text, Traditional, PRC/Unknown
zh-Hant-SG Mandarin Text, Traditional, Singapore
zh-Hant-TW Mandarin Text, Traditional, Taiwan

Mandarin Transcriptions (icons: X + text)
zh-x-CN Mandarin Transcription, PRC/Unknown
zh-x-SG Mandarin Transcription, Singapore
zh-x-TW Mandarin Transcription, Taiwan

Cantonese Audio (icons: C)
zh-yue-HK Cantonese, Hong Kong/Default
zh-yue-MO Cantonese, Macao (probably not needed at the current time)

Cantonese Text (icons: S + text, T + text)
zh-Hans-HK Cantonese Text, Simplified, Hong Kong/Unknown
zh-Hans-MO Cantonese Text, Simplified, Macao
zh-Hans-HK Cantonese Text, Traditional, Hong Kong/Unknown
zh-Hans-MO Cantonese Text, Traditional, Macao

Cantonese Transcriptions (icons: X + text)
zh-x-HK Cantonese Transcription, Hong Kong/Unknown
zh-x-MO Cantonese Transcription, Macao
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2017-12-03 17:51

manager   ~0004139

Further note, the above is necessary because:
1) Transcriptions: Mandarin vs Cantonese pronunciation of titles
2) Various geographies: different titles in different markets, it's quote often that the titles in various Chinese markets do not match

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