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0002482HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-09-04 16:03
ReporterBelove Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0002482: ED2K links on anime-group pages include spurious "span" and square brackets around the episode alt. title
DescriptionED2K links on anime-group file list pages appear "corrupted" with some apparent markup with square brackets and the tag "span", wrapping what appears to be the episode's alt. title (or perhaps English title) part.
This doesn't occur on the file entry or anime entry pages. (I have en set as the alt. title language for episodes, and x-jat as the main title language for episodes).

Example: (ed2k://|file|Seikai_no_Monshou_-_1_-_Shinryaku_[span_class='alternative'](Invasion)[-span]_-_[P-A](4405d4da).avi|253288448|b5bf0691e2e9690e156a1601066ff361|/)

For comparison (though they each have their issues, filed separately on the tracker): (ed2k://|file|Seikai_no_Monshou_-_1_-_-_[P-A](4405d4da).avi|253288448|b5bf0691e2e9690e156a1601066ff361|/) (ed2k://|file|Seikai_no_Monshou_-_1_-_Invasion_-_[P-A](4405d4da).avi|253288448|b5bf0691e2e9690e156a1601066ff361|/)

It would be OK to include the alt. title -- but not so much the "span" stuff -- and ideally the ED2K format would be consistent between pages.
Steps To Reproduce1. If necessary (untested without), set episode title language to x-jat and episode alt. title language to en. Also, anime title language to x-jat (alt anime title language to en).
2. Go to an anime-group page and note the ED2K links included in the list, e.g. at
3. Note also that the corresponding anime and file pages have different ED2K links, e.g. and
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related to 0002483 resolvedDerIdiot ED2K links on file pages seem to use the default episode title, regardless of profile title preference 
related to 0002484 resolvedDerIdiot ED2K links on anime pages exclude the episode title (but include dashes and a blank/underscore where it would go) 

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