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0002487HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2016-09-05 10:57
Reporternwa Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0002487: It should not be possible to add exactly the same person with exactly the same credit under the same block multiple times
DescriptionNot sure if bug report or feature request, but it should not be possible to add the same person with the exact same credit multiple times under the same anime (and same block).
Yea the credit will show up in the add page if it already exist, but apparently that does not stop people from adding it again as a new entry in the staff list. It's hard to tell exactly how many dupes have been added since unfortunately this report also includes block related dupes ( ), but it happens rather often.
Attached a screenshot to illustrate the issue.

The desired behavior should be not to allow adding a new entry to the staff list if the person and credit match and they are in the same block. If the episode(s) matches, then a note should be given that no change was made for that entry since the person is already credited for that credit in that episode(s). If a different episode is given, it should be appended to the existing entry, but also with a note, that the particular entry already existed and the episode range was updated.
The reason to give a note about the episode range change is so the user can check if he accidentally didn't give the credit to the wrong person.

This should definitely prevent dupes from happening, and there are a lot of them, even if the report gives many block related dupes, there are tons of real dupes.
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2016-04-28 20:12



2016-09-04 23:24

administrator   ~0003830

for starters i fixed the report to produce proper results. far actual dupes than before.


2016-09-05 00:32

administrator   ~0003831

i've added a very simple and fast way to merge credits from the report and merged all the dupes.

trackign down the underlying issue isn't very easy and it only happens so rarely as well. i could add a database contraint and block it that way, but that could have other nasty sideeffects like the whole adding of credits flying in your face and you having to redo everything again. which seems not very desireable.

we are talking 100 out of 500.000 credits here. so for time time being i'd suggest it's easier for any random mod to scan the report every so often and press the merge button.


2016-09-05 10:57

administrator   ~0003833

i skimmed over the backend code and found 2 faulty bits of code that failed and would allow adding dupes in theory. that has been fixed. doesn't mean there are none other though. for the time being i'll consider this closed though.

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