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0000249HTML & PERLBug Report - Databasepublic2007-01-26 10:13
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Summary0000249: Add AICH master hash to database
DescriptionAdd additional field for AICH master hash. AICH hash tree is mainly used in eMule for automatic corruption control and recovery without redownloading entire 9.26 part and there's at least one tool that can recover local corrupt files with it.
Additional InformationImplementation specifics for AoM are already sent to PetriW in form of easy to read example script to generate AICH from file and he promised to add it in the future. AICH tree is SHA-1 based and have same size for all hashes as SHA-1: 20 bytes, most often seen as base32-encoded 32 symbols long string.
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related to 0000441 resolvedepoximator TTH hash support 
related to 0000442 closed MAGNET-URI Link Support 



2005-07-23 16:38

reporter   ~0000606

Forgot to swich type to "Feature request". Someone who have access right please change it.


2005-08-30 15:03

administrator   ~0000680

i second this request. thanks to those AICH hashes i didnt have to download the whole file again and didnt have to go through the trouble of recreating the .met file


2005-08-30 17:00

administrator   ~0000681

iirc exp already agreed to add that, but went "as soon as aom supports it"


2005-09-02 11:33

reporter   ~0000689

Personally I think it's redundant, client specific hash. Those who want it can obtain via the ed2k network anyway with little trouble.


2005-09-02 11:46

reporter   ~0000690

Last edited: 2005-09-02 15:05

Unfortunately, with A LOT of trouble, Rar. To prevent intentional data disruption AICH hash obtained online (as opposed to obtained from link) is trusted only if at least 10 sources send same hash. This effectively makes online path useless with rare or old files, where such hash is most needed.

Speaking of "client specific", with eMule, being >80% of all users on ed2k, AICH would be almost exactly as redunant as ed2k hash itself (which is non-standard too).


2007-01-26 10:13

reporter   ~0001148

denied by exp

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