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0002491HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2016-09-11 21:27
ReporterDeth93 Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0002491: Incorrect file type when adding files manually to MyList
DescriptionWhen adding files manually to MyList, regardless of what file type you set - corrupted version/invalid crc, normal/original, other, self edited - they get added to your list with file type: other.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open any anime page.
2. Go to "Add To My List" and select any file type (other than other, of course).
3. Go to "MyList" and search for certain anime, and expand entry to see the files.

They'll have file type: other.
Additional InformationCan be temporarily fixed by editing file type of the certain files after they're added to MyList.
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related to 0000131 resolvedDerIdiot Show Type Field for Generic Files 
related to 0000615 resolvedDerIdiot states for certain types of generics 



2016-05-07 08:05

reporter   ~0003760

Tried to duplicate this, but WORKSFORME(tm).
I tested with and (one at a time), both using the form at the bottom of the anime page and from "add to mylist" on the file page.
I tried both with "Show the full Add-to-Mylist form by default at the bottom of the anime page" enabled in settings and with it disabled in settings.

In all cases, Type (and other properties) were set correctly.


2016-05-08 19:51

reporter   ~0003761

Last edited: 2016-05-08 19:56

Adding files to My List using the form at the bottom works for me as well, regardless of the files you select.
Using this method however:
files get added with file type: other:


2016-05-09 06:48

reporter   ~0003762


That "TYPE" field does not apply to generics, Deth93.
Only generic type applies to generics...

So, the real issue is that that the TYPE field should not be on that InfoBox Add To Mylist form at all (since, I believe, that form only adds generics).


2016-05-10 17:01

reporter   ~0003763

Maybe even generic file type should default to "normal/original", since those icons right by state type are unnecessary.
For example, this:
should look like this:
(Otherwise, user should have to use this: in order to fix it every time.)

Maybe I should make it as feature request?


2016-09-10 01:22

administrator   ~0003842

Last edited: 2016-09-10 01:22

ticket 0000131 resolves a few issues about this.

additionally i
* removed the type select from the anime page, because it's pointless
* adjusted massedit to also include generic type options and made sure if it's a generic file only those will be applied and the opposite
* hid the unknown state icon if the file is generic

that should make the presentation of generic files more coherent


2016-09-11 21:27

administrator   ~0003844

a couple more changes. instead of removign i added an ignore option which is set by default. on edit it's set to ignore under certain conditions. in general it should behave a lot more natural and sensible. at least it does to me right now.

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