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0000615HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-09-10 03:11
Reporternwa Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0000615: states for certain types of generics
DescriptionWe have states such as 'cd', 'hdd', 'deleted' etc. for refular files and for most types of generics. But what about generics like 'on tv', 'theater'? None of the current states are applicable for them.
The only fixes I can think of are either removing the state icon for those generics completely (thus removing them also from the stats for states), or add a new state called 'never owned' (n/a can't be used since epoxi is planning on using it on god knows what) or something, maybe someone has a better idea...


related to 0001356 resolvedDerIdiot streamed type availability for nongeneric files & revision of the state policy for streamed type 
related to 0000131 resolvedDerIdiot Show Type Field for Generic Files 
related to 0002491 resolvedDerIdiot Incorrect file type when adding files manually to MyList 



2007-04-15 05:56

administrator   ~0001230

I didn't quite get your point.


2007-04-16 11:13

administrator   ~0001234

Which state would you use for a generic with the 'on tv' or 'theater' type? You got no choice but to leave that as unknown with the big question mark icon, which isn't accurate. That's my point.


2007-04-16 12:11

reporter   ~0001235

ehehe, the file state stuff has confused me several times..
i did't use n/a for groupstate because it's not a valid class name. it's a bad reason, i know. an alternative would be 'other'


2007-12-06 07:55

reporter   ~0001525

partly done


2008-05-30 21:57

administrator   ~0002118

what's left to do in here?


2008-06-09 08:17

administrator   ~0002133

There are still 4 types of file states - unknown, internal/external storage, deleted, which don't apply to generic states like on tv, theater (and didn't we have a streaming state?)
The best would be if the state icon for those generic states would be hidden, then of course one can't really filter by state.


2016-09-10 03:08

administrator   ~0003843

Last edited: 2016-09-10 03:11

this has been resolved by implementing 0000131, 0002491 and a few other fixes in between.

note though that it requires a stats update as a new database field needs to be filled to properly function. i will probabyly runa full reprocessing for all users, but that will take a while.

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