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0000251HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2006-10-17 05:58
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Summary0000251: Clarify anime relation form
DescriptionMany people add anime relations backwards through the current form; the reason is quite clear when one examines it: the directionality of the relation is only explained in the `syntax' note.

I'd propose a simpler form along these lines:

"<base anime> is a [relation] of [target anime]
[x] and vice versa"

...where <base anime> is the entry from which the user accessed the form and [relation], [target anime] and the reciprocation checkbox [x] correspond to the existing inputs on the form.
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related to 0000328 closed List of easy fixes/requests 
related to 0000387 resolvedDerIdiot File relations form needs clarification and possibly simplification 



2005-07-25 21:07

reporter   ~0000627

making it userfrienldy reduces the workload for mods to repair wrong entries

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