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0002539CSSBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-09-02 13:15
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2016-09 
Summary0002539: Real estate wasted on closed blog entries (all applicable pages?)
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Close blog entry, see lots of real estate wasted. See attached pics, taken with cdbstyle3-menu and custom CSS. Also tested with anidbstyle3 and with custom CSS removed, to the same results.
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2016-08-13 13:28


realestate1.png (5,817 bytes)   
realestate1.png (5,817 bytes)   


2016-08-13 13:29


realestate2.png (4,058 bytes)   
realestate2.png (4,058 bytes)   


2016-08-30 20:47

reporter   ~0003819

Still seems unfixed (still looks the same as attached pics).

POTENTIALLY RELATED: it seems that the closed guestbook in the user page also wastes a ton of real estate (reverting to default style and no user css); however, when I also close the blog as a whole, the closed guestbook suddenly no longer wastes any space!

If this matters, I'm not using any tab panes at all.


2016-08-30 22:06

administrator   ~0003821

looks perfectly fixed to me and i can't reproduce your issue at all


2016-09-02 00:27

reporter   ~0003822

Okay, so I have figured out that this issue is happening on Pale Moon 26.4.0 x86-64 but not on Firefox 47.0.1 or Chrome 52. Pale Moon uses the Goanna engine, which is a Gecko fork. While I can't say anything for sure, I guess it might be a Goanna issue; while it could always be that Goanna is the only one implementing whatever causes that behavior correctly, that does seem fairly unlikely.

If you think this is a Goanna problem you have no way of walking around, I guess it's fine to close this issue. And if you try and fail to reproduce it on Pale Moon, then I'll just give up.


2016-09-02 13:15

administrator   ~0003825

palemoon disliked min-height: auto;. should be fine now

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