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0002549HTML & PERLBug Report - Databasepublic2016-10-24 13:58
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Summary0002549: Forum: subscription filter is based on thread subscription, should be on forum subscription
DescriptionThe subscription filter for the anime forum appears to depend on the subscription status of the comments thread for the anime, rather than the forum for the anime. This is best explained by following my steps, as below:

First of all, I went to the anime forum:

Filtering "subscription" by "unsubscribed" and "mylist status" by "in mylist" generates the following URL:

Among the results, there are a ton of forums I am clearly actually subscribed to, such as the one for Chii's Sweet Home: Atarashii O'uchi (; I am not subscribed to its comments thread:

Changing the filter to "subscribed" and "in mylist" instead, I get the following URL:

Among the results, there are also forums I am subscribed to, such as the one for Chii's Sweet Home: Chii to Kocchi, Deau. (; unlike the previous case, this time I am subscribed to the comments thread:

Also, summing up the amount of results from both URLs, I get fewer than the number of anime in my list, but I assume this is because some forums were never created due to lack of any threads. Anyway, if I remove the subscription filter entirely, to use only "in mylist", I get this URL:

This gives me the sum of the previous two URLs in terms of amount of results, and it appears to vaguely match what I'd expect, so the mylist filter on its own appears to be fine. This should rule out the mylist filter being broken. Changing that to only the "subscribed" filter, without the mylist filter at all, returns the following URL:

Which gives me both things I am subscribed to and things I'm definitely not subscribed to, such as the forum for Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki (, to whose comments thread I am subscribed:

It is possible that any thread will do instead of necessarily the comments one. It does seem, however, clear that it's using threads (comments or any), rather than forum, as decision point, which is not the expected behavior.
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2016-10-24 13:58

reporter   ~0003901

Update: I have found that it is any thread, not just the comments one. One Piece is showing up because I'm subscribed to (which originally wasn't even in the One Piece forum).

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