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0002718HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-11-19 06:11
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Summary0002718: Forum/PM/creq/etc: add [hide] tag
DescriptionIt has become widespread behavior to use [spoiler] for hiding things that aren't spoilers. This is all fine and dandy until you read a big spoiler because you thought the tag wasn't tagging an actual spoiler. This dilutes the point of using [spoiler] and can easily be used to troll people. The implementation of a [hide] tag solves this by keeping [spoiler] for actual spoilers while letting people hide things to their hearts' content.

The tag's general behavior should be similar to that of [spoiler]; I suppose it's probably a good idea to simply use the same code to generate both things, since they do essentially the same thing, only in different ways. The main difference is that it should be visually different somehow.

As for how to make the two tags visually different, I'm not sure I can help much. One implementation I know of uses different colors, but I don't think that'd work too well in our case. It might be fine to style it the same as the spoiler tag for now and eventually change it to apply some differences. Perhaps using a completely different icon would be helpful?

The tag should take a parameter, as described for [spoiler] in 0002717, so that people can know what it is they'll be seeing; this is particularly useful for NSFW warnings and the like. The text should probably be "Show content", "Hide content", "Show content: NSFW", and "Hide content: NSFW".

This is also related to 0002717 in they are two sides of the same coin, and the two changes work in synergy to improve a status quo that is, frankly, pretty bad.
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2016-11-19 06:11

reporter   ~0003925


This is also related to 0002717 in they are two sides of the same coin,

I meant:

This is also related to 0002717 in that they are two sides of the same coin,

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