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0002737AJAX/JSBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-12-14 06:52
ReporterDerIdiot Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2017-01 
Summary0002737: bbcode editor: URL popup, cursor position upon submitting popup
DescriptionAfter the URL popup is filled in and you hit submit, the cursor does not return to the text area. For spoilers and quotes, the cursor returns to inside the tag right before the closing tag. Example:

[spoiler]asaffasf ^[/spoiler]
> cursor goes to the ^ location

For all 3, it should instead have the cursor go just OUTSIDE of the closed tag. Example:

[spoiler]asaffasf [/spoiler]^
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related to 0002740 resolvedDerIdiot bbcode editor: image popup improvements 



2016-12-05 23:28

administrator   ~0003939

i agree for the instances where you have text selected for spoiler, code and quote. i do not where you don't.

as for link and video these can always exit the blocks.


2016-12-07 04:41

manager   ~0003943

I agree with that comment. In that case, We should extend the spoiler method of cursor exit to bold/italic/underline/strikethrough -- exit if text is selected, stay inside if no text selected.


2016-12-09 14:35

manager   ~0003949

I hate to reopen this 1 more time... but forgot to mention the first time that this should probably extend to [hr] as well. :)

Currently for [hr] the cursor goes to the left, it should exit to the right.

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