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0002784HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2017-02-27 15:06
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2017-03 
Summary0002784: Char deathdates: ??.??.2005 being wrongly turned into 31.12.2005

TL;DR I edited the death date of to ??.??.2005 and the system turned that into 31.12.2005. I didn't notice it at the time; when dorainam called my attention to it, I edited it to ??.??.2005 again, and the system confirmed an edit, but nothing happened (silent failure).

I didn't test any other date or anywhere else. The same issue may or may not be happening to the year as well (likely?), to birth dates (maybe?), or elsewhere (unlikely?). Possibly caused by the implementation of 0002713 (though you'd know that better than me).
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has duplicate 0002807 closedDerIdiot The entry's dates are automatically changed according to user's selected date format. 



2017-01-13 03:51

reporter   ~0003968

As a note, if you can dig up exactly when the bug was introduced, we'll be able to look at all the cases that need editing once this is fixed, and fix all the dates in question so that they don't hold bogus "data".

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