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0002786HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2017-02-28 15:29
ReporterPegase Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Product Version2016-10 
Fixed in Version2017-03 
Summary0002786: Filter: rename unaired filter and add shows with unknown dates to it

The point is: when you sort anime per airing date, anime with no airing date get treated as if they aired on 01/01/1970. Thus, when you sort the anime list with the "Unaired" criteria, these shows are ignored.

The problem is that a majority (but not all) of these shows are indeed unaired shows. My request is for a way to make those unaired yet without date shows to show up when you try to get the Unaired shows.
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to the Anime listing (
2. Set "Airing Status" as unaired and click Update.
3. Try to find any unaired anime without an airing date (such as Yume Miru Kikai (, for example) in the resulting list.



2017-02-28 15:10

administrator   ~0003988

shows with no airdate are not neccessarily unaired, but might just lack a date. it's somewhat misleading to classify all of these as "unaired"...

after some inner debating i settled for changing the logic and renaming the option to unaired/unknown to make the change obvious.

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