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0000028HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2007-01-06 22:04
Reporterninjamask Assigned Toepoximator  
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Summary0000028: mass add eps from anime site to mylist with parameters
Description(1.) choose an anime
(2.) select some episodes, which you wanna add to your mylist
(3.) click on a link/button which gives an interface like "ed2kDump" to add these just chosen episodes.

relating to my other feature request, the type field (original, corrupted,...) should also be in the dialog of (3.)
Additional Information
I think it would be great to see another combo box (next to file state and watched) at the bottom of an anime page to select the generic file state (DVD, TV, filler, etc.) when selecting multiple eps of an anime. Great for adding whole series that you have on DVD or have seen without having to go to mylist, select them all again, and change the state there.
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related to 0000027 resolvedepoximator type for mass update/change 
related to 0000328 closed List of easy fixes/requests 



2004-12-08 11:59

administrator   ~0000051

so basically you're requesting additional input fields for the current mass adding of files to mylist via the anime page?


2004-12-10 15:03

updater   ~0000055

yep. current only "seen" and "state" are chooseable.


2004-12-10 22:15

administrator   ~0000056

seems to be a good idea


2006-03-02 17:43

administrator   ~0000766

just drop the "seen" and "state" dropdown and instead use the same dialogue as for adding single files to mylist when you click "add selected to mylist"


2006-07-21 22:48

reporter   ~0000881

still needs support from exp to do this

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