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0002810HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2017-02-28 15:03
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Fixed in Version2017-03 
Summary0002810: Animelist: Sort shows with no airdate at the bottom of the list instead of at start of unixtime
DescriptionWhen you sort by Aired or Ended in anime lists, there is some sort of inconsistency in listing entries between the end of 1969 and beginning of 1970. Please refer to the attached snip. 'No-date' entries are always sorted after 1969 (seems like a bug).

This issue has always been there for me. Has it been noticed or reported before?
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2017-02-10 12:03


Capture 2.PNG (5,719 bytes)   
Capture 2.PNG (5,719 bytes)   


2017-02-13 01:44

reporter   ~0003975

Yeah already reported it:


2017-02-28 15:03

administrator   ~0003987

that's not exactly the same issue. quite different even. one is filtering the other sorting. while the sorting one is definitly an unintended effect the filtering one is debatable. shows with no airdate are not neccessarily unaired, but might just lack a date. it's somewhat misleading to classify all of these as "unaired"

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