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0002827SigServerBug Reportpublic2017-08-19 17:19
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Summary0002827: SigServer signature displayed on main website user profile cannot be switched
DescriptionSigServer allows the user to specify a signature to be displayed on an user's profile page on the main site. If the user has already chosen a signature to be displayed, though, it seems that, due to a bug, there is no way to unselect one signature and/or select another one to be displayed.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a signature on SigServer.
2. Tick the "Userpage" option on its Properties page and save changes. Observe that that signature is now displayed on your profile page as expected.
3. To try to remove a signature on your page: Untick the same option and save the changes. Notice that the checkbox is again ticked and the signature is still displayed.
4. Make a second signature on SigServer.
5. To try to select another signature to be displayed: Tick the same option on the second signature and save the changes. Notice that after updating the signature, the checkbox is unticked again and the first signature is still used on your profile page.
Additional InformationStep 2, the initial profile page selection, is assumed to behave like described as it has worked in the past. I didn't create a new account to test it, though, so it it possible it can be broken as well.

Both Simple and Advanced modes were tested and neither of them worked.

Deleting the active signature was not tested as I'd rather not want to go around fixing it wherever the old one is currently used.
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2017-03-12 16:04

developer   ~0003994

Tried this again today while doing some edits and switching signatures seemed to work fine now. I'll just assume this was fixed during that recent maintenance, so I think this issue can be closed.


2017-03-13 19:17

administrator   ~0003995

there was no fix or maintenance


2017-03-13 19:50

developer   ~0003996

Eh... I'm absolutely positive I didn't just imagine the whole thing; there was a "Down for maintenance." message for a period of time when trying to access SigServ, and during that time I didn't see the linked signatures update anywhere they were used (but the previously generated images worked fine). Based on my messages on a chat I go to, that happened around the evening of March 6 to until some time next day.

Regardless, it didn't work before that happened and did work after, but if you think there's still a reason to look more into it, feel free to do so.

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