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0002828HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2017-03-06 01:31
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Summary0002828: Creq, charcharrel: sometimes, the "Related Entry" line on the main info block will use the charcharrelid instead of the charid

This is a creq on charcharreltb id 55053:

The directly related character is chartb id 28973: (the other char is id 28975, but that's not relevant for this ticket).

On the data block, the "Character" and "Other char" lines correctly point to the correct show=character page for both related characters in the correct order.

On the main info block, the "Char-Char Relation" line correctly points to the correct show=addcharcharrel page for both related characters.

However, the "Related Entry" line of the main info block, which should say "Character: 28973" and hold a link to , instead says "Character: 55053" and holds a link to

Note how 55053 is the charcharreltb id for the relation in question.

This does not always happen, only sometimes, seemingly at random. I haven't tested whether loading the sane creq multiple times results in differing behavior. What I do know is that, whenever it happens, the only affected place is the "Related Entry" line of the main info block; the rest works fine.
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2017-03-06 01:31

reporter   ~0003990

Addendum: in the creq list, , the "Louis el Bridget - Noel Alongratche" link in the Related Entry column of the Char-Char Relation tab also incorrectly points to

A glance at the current creqs suggests this to be consistent with whatever happens to the Related Entry line in the main info block of the creq.

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