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0002865HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-04-13 01:55
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Summary0002865: Create alternative "full relation graph" display and let the user decide which to view
DescriptionThe whole thing about limiting the clusterfuck in relation graphs by segmenting them is a nice idea and all, but it isn't a one-way ticket to happiness land. Most relevantly, sometimes it tries to fix what isn't broken and ends up breaking what was working. For example, consider this imaginary exhaustive set of anime relations:

A - other - X
X - prequel/sequel - Y - prequel/sequel - W - other - U - prequel/sequel - V
X - parent story/side story - Z
X - alternative version - T

When you look from A's perspective, _all_ you ever see is X, and that isn't really useful for anybody. Also, even if you showed all relations, which is _never_ possible with this group, this wouldn't _possibly_ create a clusterfuck, which is what the "weak relation" thing is meant to avoid. The user wants to see all of X's indirect relations, but it's just not possible without hopping around; in this case, this is pointless and irritating.

I'm aware that creating a logic to properly handle all the nuances is hard and that's not what I'm aiming for. Besides, the proper way to handle this seems to depend on the point of view; for example, I don't agree with using relation types to determine whether a relation is weak, because there are numerous exceptions both ways, and it's not like the Clamp relation graph ( got any less messy with this change (go on, have a look :P).

So here's a solution: how about presenting the user with the choice of deciding between viewing the segmented graph and the full graph? Everyone will be happy that way; if one graph is uncomfortable, we can always switch to the other. This deals fine with the pointlessly segmented non-clusterfuck cases, and if the user is comfortable with clusterfucks, or is simply used to that specific clusterfuck, it works great. Meanwhile, where the clusterfuck-containing abilities of the change are actually relevant, we'll keep using segmented graphs.
Additional InformationThis is the third of a set of three related requests. The other two are 0002863 and 0002864.


Suggested implementation, from the user's perspective:

- Create a ?show=rel&aid=XYZ&all=1 page with the old, show-everything behavior (see also ?show=rel&aid=XYZ&table=1 , direct relations only, and ?show=rel&aid=XYZ&table=1&all=1 , all relations including weak ones);
- Create a "weak indirect relations" animepage block, by default not present in the page, with those relations;
- In the aforementioned "weak indirect relations" block, have a "full relation graph" button linking to ?show=rel&aid=XYZ&all=1 instead of the "relation graph" button linking to ?show=rel&aid=XYZ in the other two (direct/indirect) relation sections;
- Add a "full relation graph" link to ?show=rel&aid=XYZ&all=1 in the top tabs of ?show=rel&aid=XYZ (with any further parameters, including table=1, etc) and ?show=addseq&aid=XYZ (same).
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