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0002863HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-04-13 01:56
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Summary0002863: Anime rel table: new indirect=1 parameter that excludes weak relations
DescriptionCurrently, we have two anime rel table choices: only direct relations or all relations. When I say all relations, I do mean actually *all* relations; that is to say, I mean "including those otherwise hidden behind weak ones". That's a great feature that has many uses, but sometimes it goes a wee bit too far.

Let's say some user wants to see all the relations of the Dragon Ball franchise at once in table form. The user looks at this and is assaulted by an urge to commit sudoku:

Tons of Tezuka Osamu anime? One Piece? Wasn't this about Dragon Ball? Your first thought may well be "what the fuck is going on in here?", and not without reason; it would have been mine if I didn't know I'd find them all there. The answer would be this clusterfuck-creating machine someone saw fit to produce, seemingly for the sole purpose of annoying us:

While keeping the all=1 parameter's behavior is important, because sometimes "all" relations is _exactly what I need to see_, sometimes it's also a more intelligent idea to limit the scope a little. A new indirect=1 parameter to include all relations except those behind weak relations, like the way the relation graph works, would be a potentially more intelligent behavior.
Additional InformationThis is the first of a set of three related requests. I'll add the other two shortly and link them in a comment.
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2017-04-13 01:56

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