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0003001HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-09-17 04:05
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Summary0003001: Creq: include <a> tag with id and href to internal notes

Contrast the HTML for common creq comments and for internal notes, which I separated into the steps to reproduce for the sake of clarity. The suggested change would replace "Internal Note" with something along the lines of:

<a id="msg8935938" href="">message 0000008 (internal note)</a>

The fact it's an internal note should be made as obvious as possible, because I've seen mods reply to internal notes with common messages, apparently due to not having noticed that they were replying to an internal note to begin with, thus causing unnecessary confusion from the users' point of view. You may want to consider using <blink> (yeah, no, not really :P).

Also note that creq reply PMs sent because of internal notes do have an anchor at the link, e.g. the PM has a link to, so I guess the lack of <a id> might count as a bug?
Steps To ReproduceExample HTML taken from /c1, with extraneous parts cut off:

<div class="g_bubble comment" id="c2">
<div class="postbody">
<p class="author"> by on 14.10.2003 18:21


<div class="g_bubble comment" id="c8935938">
<div class="postbody">
<p class="author">Internal Note by on 18.04.2012 19:13


Note the lack of the <a> tag in the internal note.


<div class="g_bubble comment" id="c8935938">
<div class="postbody">
<p class="author"><a id="msg8935938" href="">message 0000008 (internal note)</a> by on 18.04.2012 19:13

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2017-09-17 04:05

reporter   ~0004108


As usual, Mantis is parsing what it shouldn't, but you get the idea, right?

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