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0003091HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2018-01-09 19:08
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Summary0003091: Settings: Page Specific > IRC - IRC server is not permanently saved
DescriptionChanging IRC server on Settings: Page Specific > IRC, is not permanent and sometimes disappears.

Why do I change it? Not servers allow CGI:IRC (login from WebIRC clients) and will refuse connection.
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2018-01-01 03:10

administrator   ~0004163

i have no idea what you are talking about.


2018-01-01 06:31

reporter   ~0004164

Added pic. As shown, url that I put in there disappears sometimes after saving the settings. I only notice that when I sometimes I try chat via and get the "Closing Link: (CGI:IRC -- No access)". Not servers allow CGI:IRC (login from WebIRC clients like KiwiIRC used on page ) and will refuse connection. So I change the default IRC server location to a different one in Settings: Page Specific > IRC. However that settings doesn't stay permanent for some reason and will default to empty later on for some reason.
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Capture.PNG (3,981 bytes)   


2018-01-06 23:36

administrator   ~0004166

Yeah, no ... that's not how things work. I can't think of a single reason why that setting should disappear.

Are you sure you arent clicking "reset to defaults" by accident?


2018-01-09 19:08

reporter   ~0004175

Weird things have happened.

No I'm sure cause after I saved the settings back, I didn't get that error and connected only to the server I saved.

Anyway, this is from last year. Haven't encountered this issue this year. Yet..

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