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0003121HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2018-02-06 10:27
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Summary0003121: User page: Add a link to a user's database entries for maintainers when their profile is private
DescriptionWhen a user has set their profile so that logged in users cannot access it, the entity maintainers may still might want to look at their database entries, which they have implicit permission for. However, the "access denied" error message doesn't provide a way to do that, so the maintainer has to go copy a link from elsewhere and manually edit the user id in.

It would be useful if the error also linked to the database entries whenever the user has a right to look at stuff that is listed there.
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2018-02-06 10:27

reporter   ~0004191

To be honest, I think we should altogether get rid of the "ACCESS DENIED" page and always show some basic information and links. There are already fine-grained permissions for most of the other stuff, more could be added.

I don't think users should be allowed to hide Added to AniDB, Creqs and Userlevel. At least those should always be visible to maintainers and up.

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