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0003179Avdump2 / autocreq Bug Reportpublic2018-06-22 00:01
ReporterHarkonnen Assigned To 
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Summary0003179: acreq assigns wrong values for audio track under some cirmustances
Description (and some other from this realese)

Files has two audio tracks:
1. English AAC
2. FLAC track without language set (actually japanese)

User added file as a default single audio with subs ( 1 jap audio track)
ACREQ created second track (und FLAC) and edited first track data (coded, bitrate) but didnt change first track language, resulting in non existent jap AAC track.

Additional InformationI have edited files to correct values manually
I think this have something todo with a logic that reorder tracks on anidb so japanese ones are always first.
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2018-04-14 15:37

reporter   ~0004213

Accidentally put a link to a release instead of file
Actual problematic file


2018-05-20 11:16

reporter   ~0004225

another example
seems like triggering condition is - user added file as having JPN audio track, file have undef track (actually japanese) plus some other track - other track get JPN assigned.


2018-06-21 08:39

reporter   ~0004239

this seems to affect subs tracks as well. this needs to be fixed ASAP because we a putting wrong data into db without any indications that it is wrong...

It seems that manually set languages during add dialog are now overriding avdump data, with some fuzzy logic trying to work around wrong track ordering and that logic fails spectacularly in some cases.


2018-06-21 08:50

reporter   ~0004240
all files here are affected. There is no catalan audio nor subs there, there are castilian with lang set to SPA, but user who added them set catalan in add dialog, and acreq system assigned CAT to some random tracks for both audio and subtitles. I am not going fix this manually cause finding which track it messed out of 0000022:0000020 is too bothersome.

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