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0003250AJAX/JSFeature Requestpublic2018-12-06 03:02
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Summary0003250: File Massadd: guidance note for selecting groups
DescriptionWe should add an in-line note in the file massadd template to warn users about improperly crediting remuxed, reuploaded files. The inline warning should go inside the options table, directly under the group name search bar. It should say the following:

> "Do [b]NOT[/b] credit reuploaded files (that do [b]NOT[/b] match the original release file) to the original group and/or the group tagged in the filename. For example, if an uploader named JoeSmith uploads file "[KAA] Seikai no Senki 01.mkv", do [b]NOT[/b] add this file as [KAA]; it is NOT a file that was released by [KAA], and likely JoeSmith has in some way modified this file. Instead, we generally add the file as "no group". We only credit JoeSmith if JoeSmith did [b]meaningful work[/b] on the file, such as editing the translation."

This is often a recurrin gissue, especially when a new user joins AniDB, and/or when some file collector dumps their personal collection on Nyaa, which they have gone and remuxed all sorts of files. It most recently occurred here:
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2018-12-06 03:02

reporter   ~0004316

May be add something about verifying both first original and the new file also having same MD5/SH1 hash, not just having same filename? Sometimes groups don't include MD5 hash in the filename.

Also, the wording sounds confusing to me. May be a link to a AniDB Wiki entry that will have detailed good and bad practices with example, like we currently have for group notes (

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