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0003261AJAX/JSBug Report - Interfacepublic2019-04-09 22:22
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Summary0003261: BBCode editor: image URLs with parameters are rejected in pop-up parameter entry field
DescriptionBBCode editor: image URLs with parameters are rejected in pop-up parameter entry field when clicking the image icon.

Error is "The entered data is invalid."

Image URLs with parameters are accepted, as expected, when typed directly into the message input field.
Tagsbbcode, editor, forum, message, URI



2018-09-18 05:28

reporter   ~0004288

By "with parameters" I mean query parameters--by which I mean a "?" is in the URL.


2018-12-03 15:18

administrator   ~0004307

provide an example link to such an url.


2019-04-09 22:22

reporter   ~0004354

However, it turns out that in the case of this host where I encountered the parameterized links, the parameter is really not required for hotlinking images. I had used it out of an abundance of caution to be sure to get the full resolution.

Further testing shows that the same link without the parameter returns the full resolution on this host as well. The parameter in this case likely just causes inclusion of a Content-disposition HTTP header or similar (I can't verify that definitively from my current device).

Nonetheless, allowing all valid URLs on supported hosts seems like a good thing. Should save potential future maintenance of unnecessary checks. This check is not performed if the URL is typed into the message body directly anyway, so it is not enforced, just discouraged by one input workflow.

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