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0003298Avdump2 / autocreq Bug Reportpublic2019-01-05 09:09
Reportermsoltyspl Assigned ToDvdKhl  
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PlatformChromeOSWindowsOS Version7 and 10
Summary0003298: Options such as --Exp= require absolute paths
DescriptionAs in subject, there seems to be no way to export data to current directory (or relative path) without providing absolute path.
Steps To Reproduce1) Put avdump2 in c:\tools (and add it to PATH)
2) cd c:\tmp
3) AVDump2CL.exe --PrintEd2kLink --Exp="ed2k.txt" -t -a .

I'd expect ed2k.txt to be in c:\tmp, but it will be in c:\tools instead. Same if we do --Exp=".\ed2k.txt"
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2019-01-05 09:09

developer   ~0004330

Last edited: 2019-01-05 09:09

It uses the path where the executable is for historical reasons. I'd prefer using the current working directory as well but I'd imagine many would complain.
That said, there is an option to use the working directory instead: "--UseCWD"

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