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0003303SigServerFeature Requestpublic2023-08-05 13:24
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Summary0003303: GDPR: add a GDPR check to periodic cron, to delete accounts that have been removed
DescriptionOn the periodic cron that updates signatures, ensure there's a check for deleted accounts.

15:00:40 niks> deriDIOt, what happens to my sig? i pressume it will expire from some cache eventually, right?
15:01:07 deriDIOt> there is no sig
15:01:11 niks>
15:01:23 niks> i certainly still see it
15:01:36 deriDIOt> that's a random image with numbers
15:01:59 deriDIOt> nothing in there associates it to you
15:02:01 @CDB-Work> its poissible for a sig to have a name and iud tho
15:02:07 @CDB-Work> just coincidental that niks' didnt
15:02:21 deriDIOt> not my department
15:02:59 niks> just wondering, as it's generated from mylist which should have met its demise
15:03:16 deriDIOt> which it has
15:03:22 deriDIOt> signatures are not realtime objects
15:03:42 @CDB-Work> well, is there any event hook that Soulweaver to pickup on to trigger a sig server wipe?
15:04:34 deriDIOt> there is no communication in that direction
15:05:13 @CDB-Work> so it would have to be a monthly cron or something
15:05:16 @CDB-Work> since we have 30 days
15:05:36 deriDIOt> not my department TM
15:06:19 niks> it's probably fine anyway, i already removed it from the presumably one place where it was in use, so it's no biggie
15:09:11 niks> and with that this the anidb chapter of my life closes. sayonara minasan!
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related to 0003317 resolvedDerIdiot HTML & PERL GDPR: Add a private user changelog endpoint to XML API to enable SigServer to do periodical user data cleanup 



2019-01-18 21:22

developer   ~0004331

Last edited: 2019-01-18 21:30

There are currently no guaranteed periodical data updates of any kind; data is updated on-demand, and for users, there is no on-demand case that would end up with a deletion of a user account and only one rare case, triggered by a visit by the user in question, where the user account even is queried for a possible update. Creating a new cron task for this is possible, but a sensible implementation requires a new main site endpoint for SigServer to call (the best approach is a new t=... type in the XML API to keep things together). When this is implemented, we can combine another maintenance task, updating changed user names, into this same feature.

Attached is an example of the output that should be provided by the desired endpoint. To take the minuscule chance of the task not triggering for a single time into account, the included data should cover the duration of at least two cron cycles (i.e. if the task is run every month, include at least two months' worth of data). Alternately, the endpoint may take in an extra parameter that specifies a timestamp/time string in a well documented format for the start point of the returned data; in this case, the cron task will take care of pulling enough data instead.

For renames, only the most recent rename should be included if the name changed more than once during the covered period. The cron task will ignore user entries it has already deleted.

sigserv_usermaint_example.xml (526 bytes)   
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
            <deluser uid="100000" />
            <deluser uid="111111" />
            <deluser uid="222222" />
            <deluser uid="333333" />
            <renameuser uid="444444">MyNewName</renameuser>
            <renameuser uid="555555">another rename</renameuser>
            <renameuser uid="666666">more renames</renameuser>

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