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0003307HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2020-01-05 21:21
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Summary0003307: Group: Long descriptions are not handled properly
Description1) There's a character limit on group descriptions, but this limit is not revealed to the users. It should be noted somewhere.

2) If you submit a description that is longer than this character limit, rather than the website handling this gracefully, the user only receives the generic DB ERROR error message. A creq is generated (see f.ex. ) even though the field is not actually updated.

3) I'd like to have the limit raised high enough so that the description in said creq fits in :p
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2019-01-23 01:13

reporter   ~0004334

Hmm, while testing over on devint, I actually managed to get a "descr too long" error with a different text body, so 1) is invalid or at least mostly working. However, something in what I wrote is still triggering the DB error on devint – but submitting only the second part works fine. It feels like it has something to do with the length in any case.


2019-01-23 01:26

reporter   ~0004335

Last edited: 2019-01-23 01:45

More testing:

Maximum allowed text length without an error:
5,180 UTF-8 bytes / 4,904 Unicode chars (windows line feeds)
5,156 UTF-8 bytes / 4,880 Unicode chars (unix line feeds)

Minimum text length that throws "3 - descr is too long!"
5,277 UTF-8 bytes / 5,001 Unicode chars (windows line feeds)
5,252 UTF-8 bytes / 4,976 Unicode chars (unix line feeds)

Anything between these seems to produce DB ERROR instead. I guess the text length is checked from the logical character length at least, 5k seems like a likely number for that.

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