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0003313HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2019-06-23 19:46
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Summary0003313: Group-[Anime-Group-Rels]-Rels
DescriptionTake a look at e.g.

A lot of Anime-Groups Rels nowadays have comments alike to "Source: [mSubs] (ep 1, 4-18), [Hero-L] (ep 2-3), [mRips] (ep 19-51)"

Creating group joints for releases like that where one group took the work of another group would be overkill. But how about instead of tracking these information in text form, add a new system that allows for basically adding a group relation to an anime-group relation with a type and an episode range. No point in going down to the file level.
Types I guess would be "video", "subtitles" and I guess "audio". Obviously you'd be able to select any combination of those (so checkboxes, rather than a dropdown) for releases where a group grabbed a full release and just muxed new subtitles into the file.

Additionall on the group page one could add a new tab listing all releases where that group was credited through this new system.

On the anime page instead of the "note" icon showing the note mentioned above a new icon should be shown listing the details from the added group-[anime-group-rel]-rel.
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2019-02-12 19:47

manager   ~0004339

Essentially, this needs to cover as many whack-job cases listed there as possible.


2019-06-23 19:46

reporter   ~0004362

Cases the note up there in its simplest form would cover are:
1) Majority of re-encode groups' releases, since they usually don't bother changing anything from the sourced release.
2) Dual audio releases, where groups took certain fansub group's release and added signs+songs subtitle and EN audio tracks.

Additionally, if you used Subs, Raws (i.e. Video and Audio source, if they are from the same source), Video and Audio notes as well, this would cover even more of current simple notes, leaving only problematic cases like deanzel's Steins;Gate note (which is outdated and not up to current standard, but either way a huge mess).

With that said, having something like this would be a good idea as long as it'll allow the current textual notes to exist as well for complicated cases.

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