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0003330CSSBug Report - Interfacepublic2019-04-08 16:38
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Summary0003330: CSS: Objects overflow on homepage in Chrome @ 100% zoom, Windows 10 tablet 2160x1440 and 125% scaling
DescriptionSee screenshot where the top section of the homepage overflows on both the left and right side. Windows 10 tablet with 2160x1440 zoom and 125% display scaling, with Chrome at 100% zoom. On the 1080p external monitor which does not have display scaling it is fine.
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2019-04-08 04:08


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Capture.PNG (193,237 bytes)   


2019-04-08 13:24

manager   ~0004350

Happens at 100% scaling too when the resolution is non-standard. For example in the 2nd screenshot, my Chrome window is non-maximized at 1683 x 555 on a 1080p laptop screen, 100% scaling.
Capture-2.PNG (213,102 bytes)   
Capture-2.PNG (213,102 bytes)   


2019-04-08 16:33

administrator   ~0004351

i do not have and will not have any devic with anything > 1080p anytime soon or the next decade so i can not fix what i can not reproduce


2019-04-08 16:38

manager   ~0004352

Sure, but you should be able to replicate the issue at 1683 x 555 as in my note there. Same issue of overflow but just also happens at this resolution too. I have a suspicion that it relates to "non-standard" resolutions in general.

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