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0003345HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-01-04 23:59
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Summary0003345: Random Anime Button: exclude 18+ anime
DescriptionBetter to make this button SFW. Currently, it is possible to have a random result given that's 18+.
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2019-06-06 14:36

reporter   ~0004358

For users that set "Show Adult Content" in their settings, I can see allowing the R18 stuff on random...

Maybe it could be allowed by:
    ("Hide pictures with adult content (hentai)"=False AND "Show Adult Content"=True)

Conversely, R18 Random results would be blocked by:
    ("Hide pictures with adult content (hentai)"=True OR "Show Adult Content"=False)

I propose this since for users that want to see NSFW stuff on demand but not see it by accident, they should already have "Hide pictures with adult content (hentai)" set to True. It may generally select the right set of users. Downside is it would be an obscure, non-self-documenting effect of the settings.

Alternatively CDB's suggestion could be used or if more implementation effort is acceptable, a separate setting provided... or even a new feature providing a master "boss/evil" switch to toggle everything on the site between exclusively NSFW, SFW, and EITHER :D.


2020-01-04 23:59

administrator   ~0004398

it already does not return porn if you disable porn. has been doing that for years.

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