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0003374HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2019-08-19 16:03
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Summary0003374: Adding files under O-type episodes does not create visible animegroup entry.
DescriptionFor example:

I'll abstain for now from adding relations so that you can see what the issue is. Files are indeed added under neko-raws, but the title says "Files without group", but they can't be accessed through actual no-group's file listing on that anime's page:
Additional InformationAs far as I know, when only specials are added for a certain anime from a certain group, on anime and group pages, it says "specials only". Maybe something similar could be done for O-type episodes, probably the other types as well (parody, trailers, etc.). I haven't checked whether the same issue persists for the rest of the episode types.
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2019-08-15 09:27

administrator   ~0004380

that is intentional and will not change. O eps are meant as workarounds for multi-file eps and similar issues. as such they need the file-ep rels added to be considered by various parts of the code.


2019-08-19 16:03

reporter   ~0004381

Fair enough. At least, report for O files missing file relations is available, so we can find the problematic files.

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