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0003376HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2019-12-12 14:43
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Summary0003376: CRC/Hash Status description consistency
DescriptionMass add files (Add New Release) page: Description for "CRC/Hash Status" states that it "Needs CRC in the filename" which is required for that form, however wiki describes other allowed sources for official hash (e.g. .md5 hash file).

Edit File page: Uses radio buttons instead of dropdown selection. Link to wiki section is incorrect, ending in "#CRC_status".

Current wiki link:
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2019-08-21 11:03



2019-08-21 11:09

reporter   ~0004382

Suggest making this a dropdown menu in both locations.

Unrelated: inconsistent inclusion of colon on metadata headings on Edit File page.


2019-08-21 11:25

reporter   ~0004383

On the File metadata page:
- "CRC/Hash Status" is not immediately apparent as it is appended to "Released By".
- possible confusion with "CRC/Status" field which is "verified" by API client (e.g. Avdump2).

File metadata page.JPG (57,186 bytes)
File metadata page.JPG (57,186 bytes)


2019-12-12 14:43

administrator   ~0004393

The note in the massadd form is not a requirement as such and more a technical guideline. As we try to minimize manual insertion of data for files inserting the crc by hand for each entry would be a waste of time. At the same time we require the crc field for be filled when the hash status is set.
Hence you can't set the status without having the crc filled. Which you can only do in the mass add form if you have them as a filename tag.
I hope you see the issue. Most releases feature properly named files and hence this isn't a large issue and for instances where md5 files are provided a mod can easily mass set the files in quesiton to verified if he gets contacted.

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