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0003398HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-01-05 00:34
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Summary0003398: Tag Mod: tool to bulk apply parent tag to all child tags
DescriptionIdeally, we need a tool that applies the current tag to ALL entities that carry ANY of its downstream children.

For example, if I am currently on the page for "car", then the "car" tag is now applied to all the entities with any of the child car tags, such as "sports car" or "SUV".

This should ONLY be done manually; i.e. a human maintainer/mod must be the one to decide this and press the button to apply the tags.
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2020-01-04 23:29

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2020-01-05 00:34

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1. Tags migrated from the old system don't always have the parent tag applied to the entry.
2. Text add tag UI does not enforce adding the parent tag (only the GUI tag add does).
3. When a tag has a new parent assigned to it, the entries will not be tagged with the parent.

The GUI tagging forces tagging the entry with but parent tag, but there's lots of ways around it. Therefore, we have lots of cases where for example, a vehicle character entry is tagged "SUV" but not also tagged "car". So a button should exist on the car tag page (or in the tag admin somewhere), that lets a maintainer bulk apply the "car" tag to all entries tagged with child tags such as "SUV" or "sports car".

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