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Summary0003403: Do not show character tags marked as spoilers in anime page

If an anime tag is a spoiler, it is not shown on the Anime Tags tab of the anime page.

The behaviour should be the same for character tags marked as spoilers: They should not appear on the Character Tags tab if the user has “Show tags marked as spoiler” disabled.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Disable “Show tags marked as spoiler” in Settings → Global Settings.

  2. Browse to an anime page for which at least one character in the cast has a tag applied that is marked as a spoiler. Example:

  3. All tags marked as spoilers are listed in the Character Tags tab.
Additional Information

The severity of this issue is reduced since it is usually not immediately obvious to which character a tag applies from the view on the Character Tags tab, and the spoiler tags are properly hidden in the Cast tab. However, the presence of such tags can still be a spoiler in itself (e.g., a “time traveller” tag in an anime where there being time travelling is a spoiler), or it can become evident before intended to which character a spoiler tag applies as one watches the anime (e.g., “artificial life form” is a likely explanation as to why a character has no memories of their childhood).

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2020-01-17 15:17

administrator   ~0004411

that is already the case and works just fine.


2020-01-18 01:13

reporter   ~0004412

In the "Character Tags" section of <a href="">the anime page of CITY HUNTER 2</a>, I see 2 "fetish appeals" tags—"cross-dressing" and "reverse trap"—that come from, on which they are marked as "Spoiler for this entry?". I have "Show tags marked as spoiler" disabled and do not have any episode of that anime in my list.


2020-01-18 01:16


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