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0003408HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-01-11 12:45
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Summary0003408: Massedit Cast: Remove "edit" column

The Massedit Cast page requires ticking a checkbox on the leftmost column headed “x” for each character to which one wants to make an edit for.

This is error‐prone and redundant.

If the user makes a change and forgets to or fails to tick the corresponding checkbox, their changes are lost. Perse will probably not even notice that this has happened.

If the user changes any of the data in the page, it can be assumed that the change is intended. The software should detect which entries are being edited by the fact that one of their fields has been edited.

Additional Information

Alternatively, the column could stay, but its function automated: When an edit to an entryʼs field is made, its checkbox is automatically ticked. Unticking the checkbox reverts all edited fields to their original content. Manually ticking the checkbox would have no purpose, so it would be good to disallow it, and even better to turn it into a button that appears or is enabled only after making a change.

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2020-01-11 12:44

reporter   ~0004408

I believe that simply removing the column is the better option. It makes for a less cluttered page that works equally as good with scripting disabled.

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