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0003425CSSBug Report - Interfacepublic2020-04-09 02:01
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Summary0003425: Tag entry page, for the anime entries page the anime table is cut off
DescriptionCSS: Anigoogle v2 (non-CDB version)
Browser: Chrome Win 10 -- 1080x1920

On the anime page of the tag entry, the cutoff error shown in screenshot happens. Even though the scroll bar is all the way to the left, the 1st column is cut off.

Some of the long title headers like "Tagged Character" line break, but other long ones like "Rank by Popularity" do not.
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related to 0003210 new Sidebar: table and info block overlap when table is too large 
related to 0003029 new Anime List: allow/force wrapping on "Rank by Favourites/Popularity/Rating" headers 



2020-04-09 01:50


Capture.PNG (108,522 bytes)   
Capture.PNG (108,522 bytes)   


2020-04-09 02:00

manager   ~0004422

After the tag is blocked from anime and episode, the wrapping issue disappears, since there are now less columns.
Capture-2.PNG (194,566 bytes)   
Capture-2.PNG (194,566 bytes)   

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