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Summary0003448: "The end date is in the future" error, even when the it is the correct date in my timezone
DescriptionWhen i complete an anime and set the end date to the current date in my timezone (UTC +5:30) , i get the error "10 - the end date lies in the future". This only happens when i try to set that date after 12 am in my timezone and it is fine when i do it in the morning.
Additional InformationI think this happens because AniDB's servers are in a timezone behind me and they are still in the previous day compared to me. And it starts working in the morning (for me) when the server's timezone is also at the same day.
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2020-06-11 16:43

administrator   ~0004428

That is far too unspecific to make any sense. What are you doing? Where are you doing it?
Please consider that we can't read your mind. If you report an issue be precise and thorough.


2020-06-11 19:08

reporter   ~0004429

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In second screenshot - Current date in my timezone and setting that as the end date. The error i get is in the first screenshot.
I have also updated the issue with more information

Screenshot_20200612_003348.png (4,295 bytes)   
Screenshot_20200612_003348.png (4,295 bytes)   


2020-06-11 19:33

administrator   ~0004430

No this still explains absolutely nothing.
What are you doing and where. I don't need screenshots i need you to actually explain what you are doing and on which page.


2020-06-11 20:55

reporter   ~0004431

I am trying to set the Start and end dates of an anime i have watched in the "Edit the state for this anime" menu in the "My List" page. When I enter the current date for my timezone (after midnight) i get the above error.
I think this is happening because the AniDB server's timezone is behind mine and it is still in the previous day compared to me, so it thinks I am entering a future date but for me it's present time.

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