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0003464HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-08-30 01:47
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Summary0003464: Resource: Bangumi allow both and links
Description[2020.08.28 17:22:42] <Fafnir> I cant seems to be able to add this resource "" to the Bangumi field in anime
[2020.08.28 17:23:01] <Fafnir> no error on save but when I edit again the field is empty
[2020.08.28 17:23:09] <Fafnir> any idea ?
[2020.08.28 20:45:48] <CDB-Work> Fafnir: i would use the resource page instead
[2020.08.28 20:46:30] <CDB-Work> Fafnir: also it looks like deridiot changed the link parser: Bangumi: if you scroll down on the resources page. hes parsing the short links now rather than the full link
[2020.08.28 20:49:52] <CDB-Work> Fafnir:
[2020.08.29 04:48:43] <Fafnir> the short links? but these are used nowhere in the site itself
[2020.08.29 04:48:52] <Fafnir> why did he do that
[2020.08.29 04:49:53] <Fafnir> thanks for opening the issue

Parser only recognizes
And not
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