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0003471HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2020-10-09 20:33
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Summary0003471: Entry Exclusive Character Search
DescriptionOn "Advanced Character Search", allow us to specify an entry in which search results should be restricted to, instead of finding all of them.
For example, there are 200 characters tagged with "pilot", but I only want a list of pilots from LoGH, I can see there are 8 of them, but I have no way to know which characters are pilots without going them through them individually.
In fact, it would nice if clicking a tag on "Entry -> Character Tags -> Related Character" would automatically direct you to the result of the search.
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2020-10-07 18:34

manager   ~0004443

Click on the # in the "tagged character" column on the anime tab of the tag (see screenshot).

Capture.PNG (139,677 bytes)
Capture.PNG (139,677 bytes)


2020-10-09 20:17

reporter   ~0004446

Oh, really? How could I have been so blind... I could have sworn tags on Related Character linked to all taggings, not just the entry's, but I guess not... Sorry.

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