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0003485HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-12-30 05:58
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Summary0003485: Profile settings: default languages, provide an option for "entry default"
DescriptionForum thread:

Currently, language settings are set globally, meaning that if the setting is Japanese transcription, the JP Trans title for a Chinese anime is shown, even though the main title is a Chinese transcription.

Add a new setting (called "entry main title" ?) that shows whatever is the entry's main title language title. For Japanese anime the japanese transcription is shown. For Chinese and Korean, same thing, the Chinese or Korean transcription title is shown. Same logic should apply to other entry types that allow changing the language flag for main title (character, creator, etc).
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2020-12-30 05:55

reporter   ~0004457

Ideally, there should also be an equivalent choice for "non-transcribed version of the title", (e.g. for a Korean entry, the actual, non-transcribed Korean), though this might pose problems with traditional vs simplified Chinese when both exist and the main title is transcribed Chinese.

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