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Summary0003536: File Source: CD Video (CDV) / Video Single Disc (VSD)
DescriptionCD Video (not to be confused with Video CD) and Video Single Disc are two analog videodisc formats related to both LaserDisc and CD. Basically, they're analog LD video on a CD with digital CD sound.

I'm aware of actually being sourced from VSD. Right now it's entered as LD source, which might be considered acceptable for these formats if a file comment is added to them. The same group has ripped some other stuff not in the DB from both formats.
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2022-07-23 22:12

reporter   ~0004481

Other obscure formats: was a proprietary North American format that had about 15 anime releases by Central Park Media. was a format for Hasbro's VideoNow media player. Some episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! were released for it.

I'm not aware of any rips sourced from these.

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