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0003549AniDB HTTP APIFeature Requestpublic2023-07-09 22:35
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Summary0003549: Add seasonal data to HTTP API XML dumps
DescriptionIt would be excellent if the seasonal data (e.g., Winter 2021) could be included in the HTTP API XML dumps, provided that it is available for the anime entry. I have already asked this to CDB-Man on Discord, who suggested that I use this tracker to request the feature. Therefore, I am submitting this request for consideration.

The primary motivation behind adding this field to the XML dumps is to ensure consistency between the seasons displayed in Shoko and those on AniDB. Currently, we rely solely on mathematical calculations to determine the season an anime belongs to, which may cause discrepancies between the two.
Steps To Reproduce1. Download an XML dump.
2. It doesn't contain the seasonal data.
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2023-07-09 22:35

reporter   ~0004487

Is it safe to interpret the unassignment as we will never see this feature implemented? If yes, then okay, I won'tbring it up again. If no, then why was it unassigned?

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