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0003566AniDB HTTP APIBug Reportpublic2023-09-02 20:58
Reporterhazy-mist Assigned ToOmmina  
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Summary0003566: "Alternative Setting" and "Alternative Version" are both mapped to "Alternative Setting" in the xml dumps
DescriptionI asked CDB-Man on discord if it was known, and was asked in return to report it on the bug tracker, so here I am, reporting it. I've looked at multiple entries which have an "Alternative Version" relation, and they're all mapped as "Alternative Setting" in the xml dumps, so it seems to be consistent across the board.
Steps To Reproduce1. Find any series that have an "Alternative Version" relation, e.g. 423
2. Check the XML dump from the HTTP api
3. the "Alternative Version" relations show up as "Alternative Setting" instead.
Additional InformationImages for anime 423 are attached to illustrate the issue;
Tagsanime, XML



2023-09-02 20:51


image.png (847,959 bytes)


2023-09-02 20:53

reporter   ~0004489

It seems like the bug tracker didn't like the fact that the images pasted from the clip board had the same name, and there were no way to rename them, so only one of them was uploaded it seems. I've attached the other one that didn't get uploaded earlier.


2023-09-02 20:55

reporter   ~0004490

test.jpeg (476,308 bytes)


2023-09-02 20:58

reporter   ~0004491

It was because it was ~200kb above the upload limit. � Converting it to jpeg worked. �

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