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0000406HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2007-12-06 10:57
ReporterAntono Assigned ToRar  
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Summary0000406: Mis-allignment of notifies in pop-up window
DescriptionLately my notifies open in their usual pop-up window but they are center-alligned as if their window was maximized. So, I can't read them unless I maximize the pop-up window every time it appears.
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2006-10-02 06:40

reporter   ~0001057

Status: This is some IE thing I don't really care about? Submitted patches to the CSS that fix the problem will be added to the IE hacks file. Rewriting the popup html generation will make the issue go away longer term.


2007-12-06 10:57

reporter   ~0001527

html generation has changed

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